Focused on Education

IFPIES EducationAt the International FPIES Association (I-FPIES), we’re focused on educating families, patients, medical professionals, policymakers, the public, and other stakeholders about Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). We’re also committed to addressing the significant challenges patients and families face due to a lack of information and awareness as well as the need for better diagnostic tools, further research and, ultimately, a cure.

Educational Initiatives and Events

FPIES University

The FPIES University Video Library (www.FPIESUniversity.org), a resource developed by the International FPIES Association that features dozens of free videos on FPIES and related topics for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

FPIES University is a comprehensive, multi-functional electronic platform featuring a range of educational topics, clinical and practical guidance for navigating an FPIES diagnosis, research updates, I-FPIES initiatives, and more.

I-FPIES has worked with our esteemed Medical Advisory Board and other experts to develop this series of pre-recorded segments, designed to offer reliable, accessible education about FPIES to two audiences: 1. FPIES patients, families, and caregivers, and 2. Healthcare providers. Each audience has its own FPIES University platform where they can set up a FREE login account with unlimited access to videos on that platform.

FPIES Education Conference

The FPIES Education Conference offers unique educational and networking opportunities for parents and caregivers living with FPIES. The conference program includes presentations led by the top experts in the field. The goal of the conference is to provide insightful, meaningful educational and research-related information in a supportive environment for the FPIES community.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been managing FPIES for years, this event is your opportunity to meet specialists, ask questions, connect with others who speak the same “language,” and gather practical information on managing FPIES at every stage.

**** Our next FPIES Education Conference is in the works and will be held virtually to support patients worldwide!  Follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list for the latest updates! 

National FPIES Awareness Day

The first National FPIES Awareness Day took place on May 4, 2015! This day is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), a food allergy of the gastrointestinal system for which there is little awareness and no cure. On this day, patients, families, and organizations from across the U.S. will work together with a common focus and message for FPIES and its symptoms.

As the result of the International FPIES Association’s advocacy efforts, the United States Senate designated May 4th as National FPIES Awareness Day! More than 1,000 supporters joined our national campaign by signing and sharing the I-FPIES petition to make this day official. In addition, families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania shared with Senators Booker and Toomey what National FPIES Awareness Day would mean to them, leading the lawmakers to sponsor and successfully pass Resolution 129 on March 27, 20015.

Join us on Facebook  as  we celebrate this special day every May 4th, raise awareness about the condition, and share how to get involved in spreading the word about FPIES

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