Making news with IFPIES

FPIES in a Mother’s Eye!

Our journey started the day we found out we were pregnant. Every mother becomes overjoyed with the thought of having a beautiful healthy baby. But to even think for one…

FPIES in infants
The FPIES Experience

Imagine that you are feeding your precious infant, and within a few hours of eating, he starts vomiting repetitively, becomes floppy and lethargic, and you need to go to the…

She was literally wasting away’: the food allergy no one has heard of

"She just continued to vomit, and vomit, and vomit, and vomit," the paramedic recalls. "At first I just thought maybe she'd picked up a bug or something, because her sister…

New Diagnostic Code Gives Hope to Kids With FPIES Allergies

Tyler Trovato loves his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a glass of milk, but if he diverges from that and a handful of other foods, the 6-year-old goes into…

Mom Fights for Boy Who Can Only Eat 7 Foods


FPIES: New Hope for Children Who Can Eat Only Several Foods

Now, in just a year, Schultz has jump started an international education, research and advocacy foundation that allows parents to network and doctors to learn more about the life-threatening condition.…

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